We will never forget,  never forgive.

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The "Hichhiker's Guide to the Galaxxy" says that the ultimate Answer is:
The Ultimate Questions Is: "What is 6 X 9?"
From this I conclude:
1 - The Ultimate Numbering System uses base 13
2 - The Creator Must Have 13 Fingers!

(Just thought you'd like to know.)

Howard & Jill's 30th Anniversary Trip
Italy 2009
By To Jill from Howard
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The Remarkable Mr. Bill Prady

Circa 1982

Some of the "Original cast" of "The Big Bang Theory"

Click the image to see more of the original Small Comnputer Company staff.
including the Real me - Howard J. Wolowitz.
We were the basis for the nerds on the hit TV show "The Big Bang Theory".

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